Tapei? Okay!

Does anyone else ever read absolute horrendous reviews of a company only to find that they werent all that bad? Like my apartment building back home for example. With pre-lease signing jitters, I googled the them only to find that I was about to move into the loudest most bug infested excuse for a living space, with shit management a filth filled pool. Six months in to the lease, I have no complaints,  im fact all those reviews must have come from a person who has difficulty finding satisfaction in all things life. Anyway,  the reason I’m getting into all this is because I read the same level of horrid comments about China airlines, and im here to tell you that they really arent all that bad. The staff was nice, the meals were strange but decent (chunky squid noodles for breakfast? ) and the lovely stewardess’ had my read wine refills on lock.


There was a touch screen with games,  movies and even a little GPS tracker to assure me that we weremt changing directions and moving towards the Indian Ocean never to be seen again.  (Too soon?)
The one thing I will say however is that I never expected to end up in a swanky hotel in Taiwan.  As I was rushed up to business class seating to hopefully get out of the plane soon enough to catch my connection flight to Bangkok,  I instead was ushered to a chaotic desk where I was handed a voucher for a hotel.



Everyone seemed upset. One couple demanded a 5 star hotel only. One american, a guy from Nebraska was really stressed, but I was actually excited. It was just a fun little bump in the road. I was more concerned about trying to go check out a night market for the taiwanese cuisine that my seatmate had me pining over.
Unfortunately the night market was closed by the time we arrived,  but the bar wasnt! Is tawainese beer considered cuisine? Sure!


The hotel was super swanksville! Much nicer than the one I in booked in Bangkok for that night. I used a bidey for the first time. It was creepy


Our crew BMF (bangkok missed flight) kind of bonded over the experience. It was me, the nebraskan guy TJ, a Thai Japanese translator,  an adorable thai grandma named Nootsie (who lives a few blocks away from me in Los Angeles!) And a buddhist monk. We were quite the Motley Crew. The thing that got me though was the kindness of these 2 thai women. They just took me in like I was an old bud.  They gave me sim cards to contact them in an emergency and even money to make a phone call if I was in a rut. They called my cab and helped me through customs and I think they just thought I was crazy for traveling alone. It’s amazing the kindness you can recieve from strangers.


4 thoughts on “Tapei? Okay!

  1. Jeri Greenberg says:

    Sweet Sweet Casey!!! I adore you and just LOVE reading about your exploits!!! Have Fun, Stay Safe, and keep writing!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Yay Casey !!! I’m glad everything is going so well…also just as an FYI the cave is very loud at times, but I guess you should consider that before signing a lease to live in a cave 🙂

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