That one time my neighbor got murdered…


As I sat in traffic on the 405, I carefully planned the remaining hours of my afternoon. I had just gotten off work and I anticipated taking my dog to the beach, then making a nice dinner with friends and maybe a little wine, but as I approached my neighborhood, plans were about to be cancelled.

My neighbor downstairs got shot by gang members, he was 19. The craziest part is that it happened at 2pm, in broad daylight, and so it goes the life of an inner city teen,getting in with the wrong crowd. As my apartment was in the crime scene, I was not allowed to enter it for 8 hours, so I went to dinner and had some wine.

The days following the shooting have been slightly eerie. each time I take my dog out to pee, I pass right over the once blood stained sidewalk, now lined with several candles and balloons. The door to the apartment involved has bullet holes in the door. The apartment is now up for rent. I wonder if at a discounted rate.


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