The Best Cities In Canada


As a site dedicated to Toronto, we’ve obviously talked a lot about all the incredible things going on in this city. But what about the rest of this great country? Canada has so many other cities that offer wonderful things (not as many wonderful things as Toronto, obviously). Still, there’s no saying that you have to visit one city and not the others. Experience everything this beautiful northern land has to offer. Here are some of the best cities in Canada and the things you should do whilst visiting them.



Can you imagine if we hadn’t included Toronto on this list? Obviously, it’s the best city Canada has to offer. I would have mentioned it at the end of the article because they say you should “save the best for last” but I didn’t want to waste any time. As pointed out in the introduction, we’ve discussed many of the great things going on in Toronto throughout this site’s history but you might still need some persuading to visit this beautiful city. I’ve no idea why you’d need additional persuasion, but I’m happy to oblige.


Start off by experiencing some of the beautiful dining options in the city center. Toronto really does have some amazing restaurants. We’ve mentioned Le Dîner en Blanc in another article on this website but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s an entirely unique dining experience that requires guests to bring a table, two white chairs, and a white tablecloth. It sounds mad and that’s because it is. But it’s worth it for both the social experience and the amazing food and alcohol on offer. You should also stay at the Knights Inn in Toronto if you’re planning on staying for a few days in the city (which you should) to really experience both the daytime events and the vibrant nightlife. Beyond those suggestions, you really need to experience Toronto for yourself and make your own plans; there are endless things to do here.


Quebec City.

Canada is a country with a lot of history and cultural influence. If you really want to experience this to the fullest extent then you need to visit Quebec City. Given its French heritage, this is a city that proudly displays its influence from Europe in terms of architecture and language, obviously. You should head to the hill overlooking St. Lawrence River to get a real feel for the rich and fascinating story behind this great city. If you head through this old district then you’ll see the marvelous Citadel and the Place-Royale (a historic place in which Samuel de Champlain established France’s place in Canadian history).



Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. Can you guess which is the first? Whilst no Canadian city can quite top Toronto, Montreal certainly comes close and offers a lot of unique characteristics that tourists love. Its architecture is beautiful in both a modern sense and a classic sense. The contemporary skyline, including the soaring skyscraper known as Olympic Tower, is a sight to behold, but the historic buildings in Old Montreal are stunning in a very traditional way. This is a city which proudly displays its timeline. It takes you on a journey.

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