The Best European Countries To Visit Solo


Travelling alone can be a wonderful adventure, but you’ve got to have a certain amount of common sense about you. While it’s true that you should be heading places where there are a lot of people around you for safety reasons, you shouldn’t just be going there for that reason alone. There is so much of the world to see, and more so knowing how to get yourself out of sticky situations – and going to destinations that are some of the safest in the world – are key to enjoying yourself. So, when it comes to Europe, where are the best places to travel solo?


The United Kingdom


A lot of cities in the UK are extremely populated, meaning that there is that safety element. To add to this, there are charities dotted around as well as a lot of hostels in both cities and the countryside that cater for the needs of the solo traveller. Excellent public transport links between countries such as Scotland and England mean that you’re not stuck around in one place for too long, especially in more busy places such as London and Manchester.




This is often rated the number one safest country in the world – what else could you ask for when you’re travelling? This may be in part down to just how underpopulated Iceland is as a whole. Considering the size of the island, only 350,000 people actually inhabit it. In 2013, there was only one extremely violent crime in the whole of the country. There is so much to take in, from the stunning views of the Aurora Borealis to geysers which explode hot shots of water right in front of your very eyes.




Hungary is rated within the top 25 of the Global Peace Index. Budapest itself is great for travelling around on foot and offers an immense history which is shown throughout the architecture and parks/gardens that are on offer. Everything is pretty much within walking distance, with spaces that are open and well maintained. Maps of the city itself are clear and easy to follow, meaning that it’s actually quite hard for you to get lost – you’d have a more difficult time doing so!




A lot of travellers seem to skip over Sweden when they’re planning their trips. Not only is it up on the Global Peace Index with Iceland and Hungary as one of the safest places to travel solo, but it’s also host to some beautiful scenery. It’s part of Scandinavia, meaning that you have Norway and Finland either side, which are both quite easily accessible and offer the same inland lakes, vast forests and medieval towns for you to visit at your own leisure. If you fancy going to somewhere more contemporary, then don’t fret about looking far; this is what Sweden is known for. It is the home of IKEA, after all! The world’s first original ice hotel could be a cool place for you to stay (quite literally!), and is definitely worth checking out.


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