The Elephant Show

I had heard mixed stories about all the elephant sanctuaries and shows. Some apparently were borderline abusive, some being more legitimate. I’m a huge supporter of not keeping animals in captivity, but my heart was yearning for a little elephant time. Up in Chiang Mai, a more tourist-saturated location they had pushed several elephant shows on you and Tiger shows (where word on the street is they drug the tigers to the point of sedation so you can lie with them and pose for a Tinder photo. No thanks.) Not to mention these elephant shows were a bit out of my budget.

Luckily my friend Glen had told me about a nice place and by the looks of it, they had plenty of room to roam freely and seemed for the most part happy, though hot (we all were.)

The elephants would follow each-other around grabbing their tails, and play the xylophone. They even painted some really adorable pictures of flowers, etc. that were then sold after the show.

They also had one point of audience participation where of course they chose me to go up in front of the whole crowd and publically display my lack of athleticism by trying to catch balls in a basket that the elephant threw at me. I caught one. It was embarrassing but nice to be so close to such an amazing creature. Not to mention the BABIES!!!ERMAGERDDDD


Didnt catch a single ball

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