The Thailand Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is a monthly all night party, celebrated on the night of the full moon (obviously). People wear neon paint and accessories, drugs are rampant, people get crazy. SO the news of their sweet innocent daughter attending one of these made my parents not very thrilled of this news, and that’s because when you Google  Full Moon Party this is what pops up:    

The Full Moon Party takes place every month throughout the year. Its attractions include fire skipping ropes, alcohol ‘buckets’, and a drug culture.In recent years, there has been an increasing number of assaults and robberies at the party and in bars in the surrounding area, leading the British government to officially warn tourists to exercise caution at the Full Moon Parties. Break-ins at hotel bungalows while partygoers are away from their rooms sometimes occur as well. At the party there are lots of broken beer bottles and cigarettes. Every month many partygoers cut and/or burn their feet and legs at the Full Moon Party, which is preventable with appropriate footwear. It’s dangerous to drive on party by motorbike, the roads in Haad Rin area are very curve and steep. Also in party night traffic is high and some inadequate drivers can go to the oncoming lane. On New Years Eve 2012, British tourist Stephen Ashton was killed by a stray bullet.

I got to my hotel in Haad Riin called The Gallery Dormitory and met my dorm mates. They were already on a party level that I hadn’t quite reached. They were going to some jungle party and had neon painted bodies and such. There was this obnoxious young Swedish girl who was childlishly flirting with this equally obnoxious Canadian guy, and this crazy looking Indian guy named Yogi who seemed cool and had neon eyelids but was in another dimension than me.  One guy, an Irish guy named Jamie seemed the most normal of the group but he was wearing Jesus Fish shorts that said “I like turtles” on them. The dorm was a total shithole with old rubber mattresses. I thought I had gotten myself into a mess. I mean the previous night’s sex show was bad, but I felt like an old lady around these kids.

In Thailand you drink booze out of little sand castle buckets, and they are widely for sale, but many people put watered down booze or even methane in them, and if you aren’t careful you could be drugged, so it was imperative to watch the drinks being mixed. In the US several of my friends have been drugged at bars, so It’s just kinda instinctual to watch your drink anyway. I bought my first bucket and immediately this Thai guy came up to me and released a straw filled with some type of liquid into it. I was unsure of it and took it back to the hostel. That’s when I realized we had a new dorm-mate, Nico. She had rainbow braids and a bandaged face and it was love at first sight.   I still had my untouched but questionable bucket and told her I thought it might be drugged, so we decided to give it to the guys in our dorm first and see if it drugged them. This was when I knew she was my instant partner in crime.

I hadn’t really known what to expect with the night’s party, but thanks to meeting Nico, her and I stuck together and had a successful night. We met some great people, made it til sunrise and managed to not make the Wikipedia statistics.It was a blast! I hadnt stayed up until sunrise in years, and it was a beautiful sight. We saw some crazy stuff that night. People just totally passed out on the beach alone in the morning, A dude covered in blood. Beach sex. I met a guy in the bathroom who just woke up out of being drugged and I had to continually reorient him to the fact that he was in Thailand. If you were an idiot, it would be easy to get yourself in some real trouble this night.   I didn’t take my camera out that night because if I lost it I would cry, but in the meantime our Dormitory’s curtains had been removed and Dumb Canadian and Sweden decided to make a sex fort around three bottom bunkbeds where they proceeded to make love for 3 days straight and consummate their Thailand relationship over and over and over again. I guess it was sort of noble that they covered up, but by removing our curtains we were now filled with a hot sunny room, and they left their used condoms everywhere. It was disgusting. Our hotel had a 3 day minimum booking and we were all kind of stuck there, so the rest of us roommates bonded and became quite good friends. We called ourselves the Gallerian Gang and had decided to carry on to our next destination as a group.

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Yogi – The guy with the Neon Eyelids

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