Leon Nicaragua and my 2nd Nurse Fail.

If you recall from my post in Flores Guatemala, I witnessed a bit of a bloody human/vehicle accident which resulted in my lack of spanish and lousy attempt of helping this poor man. Well, last night was another story.

Believe it or not, Keenan and I havent gone out past midnight one time on this trip. Our idea of a crazy night is listening to a “This American Life” podcast and eating streetfood, and though we have done our share of drinking it usually ends in a nap by the pool at 2pm. It was a Saturday night though, and we were staying at the reputable “Party Hostel in Leon Nicaragua” (Plus we found our niche with a pair of cousins from Arkansas that were definetely a good time) so we hit the town a bit more hard than usual.

The dangerous thing about Nicaragua isn’t crime or kidnapping as much as it is cheap rum. Our group of 6 was about to polish a full bottle of rum for a measley $1.50 each. We went to the club “Oxygene” and danced to some salsa music with the occasional LMFAO(barf) track bass bumping away.

When we had enough, Keenan and I bought some streetside Plantain chips at 2AM and headed back to our hostel and that’s when I heard a big SMACK. I looked behind me to see a collision with a motorcycle that was T-Boned into a taxi cab, and a man face down on the street.

Keenan and I drunkenly ran to the man, clearly unconscious and drunk or not, I was not ready to let another victim go unhelped.

“Amigo!!! AMIGO!!! ESTA BIEN!??!”

no answer.

His face had no blood on it. My first priority – In fact I didn’t see any blood. (WTF? I thought to myself)

“Llamarse una Ambulancia!!! Soy un Enfermera!’ I yelled at the slackjawed crowd standing around this poor man.

Keenan said to the man”Dont Sleep! Stay Awake” in Spanish. However you say that…

A crowd formed in the middle of the street and everyone looked oddly at the drunken gringos barking orders. When suddenly, the unconscious victim abruptly stood up, with no help from others, looked at me and said “The People of Nicaragua are STRONG people!.” He hadn’t one scratch, said his ribs hurt a little bit but was fine and able to walk off the scene with no further help.

It was kind of hilarious.

This morning as I woke up convinced that Im a magnet for Pedestrian/Vehicle Accidents, I told my new friends about what happened, and they said “Ohh we saw that accident! outside of the Breakfast Restaraunt..” which was actually a completely different accident that also took place last night.  Basically they just happen all the time – No Magnets here.

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