The Weird and Wonderful Mysteries of the Costa Rica Life

Costa Rica. Weird place.

In the best, most wonderful possible way, but still weird. That might be why you can’t resist going off on an exploration to learn a little more.

So, here’s a few interesting little facts to attract your attention…


  • It’s wet!


As in really, really wet. It rains so much that in the overall volume of water, the nation is second only to New Zealand for an island of its size. In fact, it rains so often that they have multiple words for the one thing, including ‘ temporal.’ Can you guess? No? It means torrential rains falling for many days at a time, during the wet season. Obvious…

  1.  It’s got weird, strange stuff which no-one knows why it’s there!

Check these out…

Diquis Delta Stone Sphere

So here’s what the locals know. They’re somewhere around 2000 years old, and are typically around grave sites, in different patterns and shapes – some straight lines, some curvy wiggles, and some parallelograms. Some of these structures are tiny at only 4 inches in diameter; others are not so small, standing at a full 8 feet. The locals assume they were built by the ancestors of the native tribes, but why were they built? Who knows?

  1. The Costa Ricans are a pretty bright bunch of people!

Volunteer Costa Rica Help to teach the local children English. Fair enough. It sounds like a good thing to be doing. But did you know that 96% of the population are literate. Even in the rural areas where schooling may not be affordable, the young ones are taught lessons over the radio. Don’t you wish you could have been educated that way?

  1. You can shop with flour!
  1. Maybe not entirely… The currency in Costa Rica is the colon, but many people prefer to use the word harina, literally translating to flour. When they say it to you, they’re probably asking for money, not for baking advice.
  1. Aaaarrggghhh! There be pirates about this land!

Who hasn’t heard of Treasure Island by the great Robert Louis Stevenson? Well, the story is said to based on Isla del Coco in Costa Rica. The country has supposedly seen many pirates and such like drop anchor around its coast. Legend says they’ve left behind mounds of treasured booty, although treasure hunters have not found much yet, maybe you’ll have better luck!

Well, there you go… A few amusing little factoids to get you dreaming wistfully of adventures in Costa Rica. Maybe you’ll be able to add a few to the list. Just be prepared for the post travel grief when you get home!

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