The World Is Your Oyster: Where To Travel To Next

If you find you are always going to the same place on your travels, it’s time to switch it up. After all, you might love that particular city, but the world has so much to see and explore. And it’s best to go and check it out now while you are young. Otherwise, you will look back and regret not exploring the world. But where do you start when there are so many places to visit! Therefore, here are some places you should go to when it’s time to do some traveling.


You should go to a city in Europe


Europe is full of some of the top cities in the world. After all, everyone adds places like London, Paris, and Berlin to their bucket list. Not only is there amazing landmarks to see, but you can also expect fantastic food and drink, and great company if you do go to a European city. Therefore, you should consider going to one of the cities in Europe for your next trip. You can read up online to find out which one you want to go to. Or if you are unsure of which one to choose, you could get a Europe rail card which will let you travel between the countries. For example, you could get from London to Paris in just a couple of hours. Or you could even catch a ferry which will allow you to see more of Europe while you are on the continent. Just remember to take a camera as there are so many picture-worthy sights you won’t want to miss!


You could go on a road trip around the USA


A lot of people aim to do a road trip in the USA at least once in their lifetime. After all, there is no better way to see American than on the open road. And with the Route 66 being mostly long straight roads, it’s not a bad drive for you and your friends. Therefore, a road trip in the USA is definitely one to consider for your next travel experience. Before you go, you need to map out your route. You need to make sure you include top places you want to go to so that you don’t come back disappointed. You can look at guides online such as the idealist travel to find out more about places in the US like Chicago which you might want to visit. And remember to write down motels you can stop at on the way!



You could do some solo travel in Asia


Asia is one of the most amazing continents you can go to. With fantastic places like Thailand and China being situated here, there will be so much you can see and do. In fact, you should book to go around a couple of the great countries while you are in the vicinity. Asia is also a fantastic place to do some solo traveling. Just make sure you keep your wits about you and try and not get lost. You can read my previous blog for some help doing some solo traveling around Hong Kong!


And if you have the funds, you could even consider traveling across the world to spend time in Australia and New Zealand. With so much to see and do, it’s definitely something you should do once in your lifetime.


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