This Is Why Italy Is Perfect For Solo Travelers


Italy is one of those European countries that sits on your travel wishlist for ages. Like many European destinations, you might worry about the language barrier. Or perhaps you’re concerned it will cost too much to go. Maybe you just don’t want to visit one of the most romantic places on earth alone? Don’t let any of those things put you off this must-see destination.


Italy is full of fabulous cities. And most of them are beautifully preserved relics of centuries of art and culture. One of the most iconic cities you could visit is Rome. After all, who would go to Italy and not visit the Colosseum? This city is 3000 years old and you can find the evidence of those centuries of almost everywhere. The choices for Rome accommodation are aplenty here. Choose apartments right in the center or villas further out. With gorgeous countryside all around, you might be keen to live a life of luxury right in the middle of it all!

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Venice is the place where honeymooners love to go. It is incredibly romantic here, and a Gondola ride should be on your to-do list even if you’re here alone. Of course, Venice could be the place where you meet the love of your life. Or it could just be the perfect city for exploring Renaissance art and extraordinary waterway structures. The food is pretty good here too! The Piazza San Marco is a wonderful place to hang out whatever the time of day.


Tuscany is the region to head to if you’re backpacking. There is usually plenty of seasonal work you can take on and plenty of hostels to choose from. There are also some pretty fabulous cycle routes to choose. Cycling tours are pretty popular through this region as the landscape is stunning. There are farms and country houses to see. Orchards and vineyards stretch for miles. And then you can finish the day with some of the tastiest food you’ve ever had.

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Milan is the city of fashion. If you love shopping and you love browsing the boutiques this could quickly become your most favorite city in the world. The mood here is very metropolitan, and there are plenty of characterful cafes to sit, and people watch. If you’re in town for one of the many fashion-themed festivals and events, you’re in for a treat! Check out some of the most magnificent designers and take in a full history of Milan at the museums.


Florence is another city that has beautifully preserved the Renaissance era. The museums are world class here. A must-see is Michelangelo’s ‘David’ sculpture. Art is enormously well presented in the city, and the galleries are second to none. But it’s the Tuscan flavors that really make this city one of the best to spend a lengthy amount of time in.


Italy is a lovely country to explore. Warm seas and beaches in the south and mountainous regions to the north make it varied and delightful. What will you travel to Italy to see?


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