Three Travel Experiences To Broaden Your Career Horizons

Traveling the globe is an excellent way to give back, find yourself or even develop new skills. In fact, let’s focus on that last part. Developing new skills is the key to personal growth and may see you find and engage with opportunities in your career that you would have never dreamed of previously.

And the biggest benefit of all? Not only will you gain new skills, you might even travel to every corner of the world. The absolute guarantee here is that you’ll make thousands of new memories and by the time you return home, you’ll have a story to tell.

Gaining Wildlife Experience In Africa:

Africa is still an unknown quantity for those with Western heritage. There are animals, architecture, and fauna that we can’t comprehend or even see without the use of the internet or through the media.

A journey into Africa offers numerous opportunities to engage with the unique wildlife of the continent and pick up skills that can be used back home to become a vet through a wildlife veterinary experience, or even other paths that may help you become a zoologist or a carer for animals.

Africa is the perfect place to visit and explore if you’ve even got the faintest interest in a career with animals.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language:
Madagascar Teaching

This one requires a bit more preparation as you’ll need to likely have a University degree and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification from an accredited source or college. However, once you have the relevant requirements, the world is truly your oyster. There are plenty of places seeking EFL (English Foreign Language) teachers across the globe and you could be teaching in Sibera for a year before moving to Hong Kong or Hanoi. You could spend years travelling across Europe teaching in every city you pass. You might find yourself in Colombia, Madagascar or pretty much anywhere you can imagine through the countless job listings on dozens of jobs boards.

Not only is it a perfect excuse to travel, you can pick up so much valuable experience in teaching and childcare through this and even if you don’t desire a career in teaching after, this might change your life and give you an entirely new outlook. Finally, it’s a pretty good way to trek the globe on a shoestring as you’ll be paid during your journey!



Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to the world and can take you to many new places.

It’s very similar to TEFL in its scope as volunteering can take you almost anywhere you desire. The difference between TEFL and volunteering is that you shouldn’t be expecting pay during a volunteering opportunity, but you can expect food and board to be arranged for you. It’s an authentic way to immerse yourself into new cultures and actually give back.

Volunteering offers a broader range of experience, from teaching to health care to disaster relief, there is almost no end to the skills that one can pick up from volunteering.

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