San Salvador – Slightly intimidating, slightly filled with malls.

What is there to do in San Salvador?

Join a Gang, or go to the mall of course!

We spent about 4 days in the somewhat intimidating Capital City of San Salvador. I can’t really tell you much about those 4 days except for that we went to 3 different malls about 7 times. We ate hot wings in a New York Themed restaurant. We saw Batman – in english. I bought a pair of skinny jeans. I had Wendys for breakfast.

4 days was enough to make me snap and question my reality. Am I in California? Where am I? When I look outside all I see is Pizza Hut, Burger King, palm trees and Home Depot. Any sense of home sickness towards my North American life quickly disappeared somewhere between the greasy french fries I regretably ordered and the rainbow sprinkled donut shops that lined our street.

Some Highlights:

  • I got to hang out with Molly from Flagstaff for a few days and we got our giggle on.
  • During the Batman movie, the electric went out at its climax, and a guy in front of us looked back towards us and said “There’s terrorists!” in clear english. At first, with embarrasment, I thought he was referring to us Americans, since we seem to pull some crazy shit lately, but he was actually looking at the film reel people behind us.
  • Luckily, I have no desire to go to another mall for ages.
  • Molly, Keenan and I got caught in a crazy downpour where we took refuge in a Walmart, and I finally bought a new toothbrush.


Malls and more malls with Molly Brown.


It looks like we are in a Cabin in the Woods, but we are actually in an overpriced outdoors shop in the mall.

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