Top 3 Holidays for Solo Travellers

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Travelling alone can be one of the best things we can experience. It’s not necessary to worry about fitting in around anyone else’s plans, or getting dragged off to see things that you have absolutely no interest in seeing. You can simply do what you want, when you want, which is both exciting and liberating. However, travelling alone does have a downside and that is that  it can sometimes get a little bit lonely, and there can be occasional moments where we just fancy having a chat and enjoying the company of others.


Therefore if you are considering travelling alone, but are concerned about feeling a little lonely then read below for our top three travelling activities and holidays when travelling alone, to ensure that you have something dynamic, social and interesting to look forward to to fight off those feelings of loneliness.


Language Courses


A language course is a wonderful way to not only immerse yourself in a foreign culture but also to meet new people whilst travelling. As language courses generally last only a few hours in the morning that means that the rest of the day is freed up for exploration and discovering your chosen destination. So language courses, in exciting European cities, for example, can offer a great balance between travelling alone with a couple of hours each day being surrounded by interesting people and potentially making a few new friends along the way.


A Wine Tour


A wine tour is a fantastic way to see the different rural regions of a country. Not only are they super relaxing due their beautiful surroundings but they are also indulgent and interesting due to the gorgeous wines on offer and for the information that all wine lovers can learn on such a tour. A winery vacation is also a great trip for people travelling alone as you will be surrounded by other people touring the same regions and all with the shared passion for great wine. So this is a super vacation idea for anyone travelling alone that enjoys great wine and the company of like-minded travellers.


A Yoga Retreat


If you’re planning on travelling alone and feel that you want to go somewhere relaxing and destressing then perhaps you can look into escaping to a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are full of solo travellers looking for somewhere to unwind, relax and connect with themselves. Yoga centres and retreats can be found in most holiday destinations these days as yoga is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to improve mind, body and soul.


Therefore thinking about going to a yoga retreat for your holiday or even just part of your holiday, could be a fantastic way to really disconnect from the demands and stresses of daily life and spend some time just investing in yourself. Yoga retreats are generally quiet and contemplative places, they can also be really sociable as you will meet interesting and unique people from all corners of the globe.


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