Travel Only Opens Your Mind If You Follow These 4 Rules

There is a common belief that those who travel often are more open-minded because they are used to interacting with a variety of new and different cultures. But, if you’ve ever come across a travel group in a foreign country, or in your own country, you know for sure that not everybody is ready to engage with new cultures. Some travelers prefer to stick together and point the finger at everything that isn’t like at home and laugh. As a result, it’s likely that they will not gain anything from their travels, except maybe for the pictures of new landscapes. However, if you want your travel experiences to elevate and change you for the better, you need to approach these with an open mind. Here are four handy rules to follow to make sure that traveling can broaden your horizons.


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#1. Empower Yourself To Discover Something New

If you want to discover something new, you need to put yourself in a situation where you can leave your routine behind and embrace a new culture. More often than not, solo travels often the perfect opportunity to develop new skills and find your path to engulfing yourself in a foreign culture. It is a matter of authenticity, as described in a previous article of the blog,, that you can’t fully recreate when you join a travel group. In other words, if you can’t bring yourself to live like a local, you will not be able to discover that the new culture has to offer.


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#2. Don’t Judge What You Don’t Know

It is easy to notice the differences between your culture and the place you are visiting. However, it is more difficult to keep your open mind in the face of so many differences. Remember that being different is not synonymous with being inferior. People are no lesser human beings simply because they have habits that you’ve never seen before. While you should be able to notice the areas where the cultures differ, don’t indulge in judgmentalism. Instead, accept that the worthiness of things and people is not defined by similar it is to what you know.

#3. Get Inspired By Real Life

Travel guides are practical and very helpful, especially if you don’t have much time to spend in a new place. However, they rarely focus on the real life and the inspirational decisions of local people. They are good to show you the road to the closest museum, but don’t expect them to provide a gateway to everyday entertainment and inspiration for a region, like Black Buddha does here Receiving your daily dose of inspiration is a fantastic way to dive into the life outside of the travel guide book. Locals have passions, businesses, and tips to share. Step out of the touristic paths and discover what real people have to say about the place they live in.   

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#4. Don’t Be Afraid To Make New Friends

Traveling abroad means that you will meet new people. This can be scary for a lot of travelers, who feel anxious at the idea of meeting someone new. However, you need to first work on your mental attitude to meeting someone new. Keep a positive mind, and reframe negative thoughts into a more positive approach. Making new friends is one of the pleasures of travel. Don’t miss out on it!




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