Travelling Asia: Quick Guide For Travellers!

Asia is the world’s largest continent and home to over 48 countries each offering a completely different cultural experience.  How do you pick your way through this brilliant land mass? Take a look at our quick guide to some of the most brilliant tourist spots.  Although you may have to carve your own route between them! There is a lot of ground to cover.




Dubai is a great toe dip into Asia.  As it is a hugely popular destination it is pretty westerner friendly.  There are loads of cultural no no’s to be aware of though.  Whilst there are some brilliant beaches for sunbathing and catching some rays, there are still strict laws on women baring too much flesh.  So take a moment here to get to grips with respecting their views.  


As a relatively new hot spot you will find a hive of modern architecture and Dubai hasn’t been subtle.  Atlantis The Palm sits on the world’s biggest manmade archipelago and is the perfect example of this cities love of opulence  You will find some of the world’s finest restaurants and the city is full of very bespoke supercars although you may need to find yourself a new mortgage to shop in one of Dubai’s many malls.  Prepare for a bit of a come down when you leave though!  




Heading out to Japan is a great second step.  As one of the world leader in technology you will find the transition from Dubai pretty simple.  Their dress codes are very different so you won’t have to worry about covering up to show respect.  In fact japan is a brilliant hub for the fashion extrovert.  Getting out of the modern capital of Tokyo will lead you to the real magic of this country and it’s former capital city.  The Kyoto tours are well worth experiencing to understand traditional Japanese culture.  Here you will find all the colour and vibrancy you would expect from old school Japan.  It hosts 14 UNESCO heritage sites with the Palaces of Emperors at it’s design center.  The Imperial Palace and the Sento Imperial Palace are must visits.  Kyoto has been voted as one of the best city destinations in the world!




The country of Uzbekistan lies at the far end of The Silk Route and is an amazing destination if you want to get dangerously close to Afghanistan without heading into a warzone with one of the new danger tourist packages.  It is a happy and welcoming country which joins Afghanistan with The Friendship Bridge and it is rather a sad reminder that it takes just a few steps to go from a peaceful and kind community into a country struggling with regime.  However, you will find a great number of Afghani people in Uzbekistan and it is a great way to see how beautiful the muslim people are, away from the controversy of the media.  Remember to respect the views on covering skin and how women should behave.  Regardless of western opinions, for most there are heavy religious reasons which are treasured by both the men and women of the community.


So, now we have shown you three of the countries in Asia, you better start thinking about the other 45!!


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