Try These Handy Methods For Getting Cheaper Flights


Traveling is fantastic. Visiting new destinations and learning about life in other places can be an exhilarating experience. The only drawback is it can cost you a lot! Accommodation, shopping, and public transport can all take a chunk out of your travel budget. But airfare is one of the biggest costs you’ll have.


If you’re a keen traveler, you love to make your way overseas and to new continents. And to do, you need to take a plane. But with air travel costing so much, it can be hard to go to all the places you’d like to. Luckily, there are a few useful methods you can use to get cheaper flights!


Use Flight Search Engines


Searching up flights with one airline or using a travel agent isn’t always the best approach. Many websites nowadays can help you easily find flights across tons of different airlines. You might stumble upon a surprise cheap flight if you’re lucky!


The Google Flights feature is highly useful for this. Put in your location and destination and find the best prices for flying. You can flick through a calendar to find which dates have the cheapest flights. It can also give you information on some of the best current deals.


There are other useful flight search engines too, such as Priceline and Kayak. Use these to compare airlines and find the best deal for your desired flight.


Fly From A Different Airport


One of the best ways to get a cheaper flight is to fly from a different location. Airports close to each other can have vastly different prices to the exact same destination. It all depends on which ones have the best travel links to a particular place.


For instance, let’s say you’re flying from New York’s JFK Airport to London Heathrow. You should also check LaGuardia- it’s only a short distance away. You could even cross the state border and fly from Newark. You may have to drive further in these cases, but you can find affordable airport parking close by to many airports.


The same applies to your destination. If you’re flying to Heathrow, check prices to Gatwick and London City Airport too. No matter where you’re going, it’s likely you can find various nearby airports. You may have to take a longer bus or train ride to get to your hotel, but if you save a huge chunk of money on your flight it’s justified!


Find The Cheapest Dates And Times


If you’re flexible with your dates, you should take advantage. Flight search engines let you play around with different dates and times, so check as many as you can.


Many people travel on the weekend, so traveling midweek instead can get you a cheaper airfare! Flying midday can also help- most business travelers go out in the morning and families often travel at night.


You could also consider going on days not many people are likely to fly. Always avoid school holidays and busy times like Christmas. Some people are superstitious, so Friday the 13th is an ideal time to book a flight. There’s one coming up in January, so look out for cheap flights! Booking a flight last minute can also net you a great deal.

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