Turning Travel Into a Holiday

People love to go on holiday. Be it travelling solo or with friends and family, experiencing new cultures, sampling new foods and meeting new people is something that fulfils us with a sense of belonging in the world. It’s fantastic entertainment, it opens our eyes, and we can’t help but feel small in such a large and beautiful world.


However, one of the main problems with travel that puts people off is the expensive and lengthy travel times. Flying across the world can take a long time and it’s not unusual to experience 10-hour flights or longer. Not only does this eat up a lot of time, it essentially shortens the time we can actually spend away from work. So in order to conquer this, why not turn the act of travelling into the holiday itself? Here is a couple of ideas on how to do so.





The first idea we can explore is backpacking. Backpackers usually have a sense of direction when they plan their adventure, but it doesn’t mean everything is set in stone. You don’t have to follow tourist traps, you don’t need to visit museums, and you don’t need to sleep in a fancy hotel. Backpacking makes an excellent solo holiday experience because you’ll be travelling around on foot, meeting new people, and learning about the country from the mouths of locals. Language barriers are common, but with a simple phrasebook or perhaps a smartphone to translate, you should have very little trouble using crude speech and body language to get your point across. Backpacking can be dangerous if you don’t have a plan, so make sure you outline a general idea of where you want to go and what you want to experience.



Cruise Ships


If you love being out in the sun, then cruise ships will be the perfect holiday for you. Most cruise ships simply circle around a body of water, but there are some cruise ships that will happily drop you off in another country or make regular stops at different islands and locations so that the passengers can experience different cultures. Although a cruise can be expensive, Love It Book It and various other sites offer fantastic deals on all kinds of cruises. The ships are huge behemoths that house everything from nightclubs to restaurants and shopping centres, meaning there’s plenty of fun to be had for all ages. This makes a cruise the perfect holiday to go on with friends and family members, but there’s nothing wrong with travelling on your own too.



Road Trips


Lastly, we can’t forget the classic road trip. Take a care, fill up the tank, gather some friends and go on an adventurous drive around the country. Much like backpacking, it’s important to have a rough plan of where you want to go, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to it. Make sure to plan out a route and mark destinations where you can fill up your fuel and also stop off to eat and sleep. You never want to drive drowsy and you should ensure you have lots of supplies in the trunk, such as clothes, blankets, water, rations and of course, entertainment.

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