Underrated Holiday Destinations


When we think about going on holiday, we will often start to think about the most popular destinations for holidaymakers: Spain, Greece, Australia… however, there are a whole host of stunning and exciting destinations which many of us never even think about. That’s why today we are going to talk through some of the most underrated holiday destinations in the world. By the time this last is over, you’ll be buying yourself a ticket out of here.


Bolivia is a country which is nestled between a few more popular holiday destinations. It is the neighbour to Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru… but not many tourists make their way to Bolivia on holiday. If you love to be by the beach, then this landlocked country isn’t for you. But if you love nature and stunning landscapes… then this may be the perfect destination. The country features bright red lakes, huge volcanoes and some stunning historical sites. It is a cultural hotspot and has plenty to offer visitors to its hoteles.

Havana, Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful country which looks as if it should be the set of a romantic novel. With the unique characters, colourful houses and vintage cars… you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back in time by 40 years. The city is full to the brim of happy faces, culture and plenty of museums and art galleries to visit. If you are a creative person then you may fall in love with this place and never want to leave.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a place that we’ve all heard of, but for some reason not many of us think to visit. The area is made up of over 7000 islands; and visiting this place will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise, tucked away from the real world. It has world class beaches to relax on, stunning natural landscapes to view and you can even swim with Whale Sharks if you are brave enough.


Nara, Japan

Japan is a rich nation filled with one of the most technologically advanced cities on earth, as well as some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples nestled away in nature. Nara is full to the brim of botanical gardens, shrines and Buddhist Temples to enjoy, and it also houses a host of restaurants and bars for tourists.


If you love the temperatures of Greece but want to try out a different landscape, then Albania is the perfect place to visit. Sitting directly above Greece; it is a nation with stunning landscapes and a very lively nightlife. The country is full of historical landmarks and stunning beaches for a relaxing vacation.


Montenegro is perhaps one of the most underrated holiday destinations of all. It is situated neighbouring Croatia, and is the home of some of the most stunning seaside landscapes in Europe. Kotor is one of the seaside cities which contains a medieval city- which you can access via a narrow passage, and will be the perfect place for anyone who loves history to visit. The villages which reside by the seaside are buzzing with activity and life, and from the villages you can look down across sapphire blue waters.

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