Week One: Saved by the Bush

In just 7 days I went from 0 to 100. Real quick.
When I first arrived to Australia, I really wasn’t in a good mindspace. I just didn’t feel like myself to be honest. Things kept going wrong and I felt like a klutzy mess. One day I took the bus in the wrong direction for 30 minutes. I went four days without my luggage. Every time I walked on the sidewalk it was in the wrong way, creating an awkward type of touristy trot that sent me into cringes.

There was a point where I bursted into tears in front of Hungry Jacks (AKA Burger King) on the busiest street in Sydney. Then on my first Friday night here, I found myself walking up and down Oxford street by myself with a lump in my throat searching for something to do or someone to talk to, only to go back home and eat Schnitzel in bed, followed by unexcusable hours of sleep. I blamed some of it on jet-lag but my mind was secretely skirting around the awful realization that maybe I had made the wrong choice in coming here.

image2 (5)
Then something kind of strange happened. It was a Sunday, I took the ferry to a majestic place called Manly. Upon arrival there was a map of the area that had a few trails that went along the sea.
I began walking. I passed through the beach where large groups of friends were playing Volleyball together and couples held hands walking along the white sand being all romantic and shit. I followed the trail as it led into a forested area and went off the trail for a bit. As I ducked my head under unusual trees and stepped along steep rocky cliffs that overlooked the most indescribably blue clear water beneath me. I sat on a rock and stared out endlessly at the sea.

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This is going to sound super cheesy but suddenly something just washed over me. It was like some kind of naturally occurring Australian exorcism of my shit attitude. I didn’t fly halfway across the world, work my ass off to save money just to come here and feel sorry for myself. Some people will never get to see what I am looking at right now and here I am being all negative. This was a privilege.
As I left Manly that day I was a changed woman.
Everything has been really great since that strange Sunday, my luggage was found, I’ve made friends, I went to a BBQ, then I went to another BBQ, then I WENT TO A 3RD BBQ. I’ve gotten very close with boxed wine, I’ve gone to a dinner party, I’ve had a meat pie, I’ve got an Australian phone number.
I am now about to go travel around the country and gently deplete some of my savings before starting work.
Life is good

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