What’s Holding You Back From Traveling?…


Once you get past college age, it’s easy to let that carefree attitude to life slip away, and give in to the niggling voice of responsibility. While everyone needs to grow up some time, it’s a shame to see so many people lose out on great experiences simply because they think they’re too old for them. Here, I’ve listed some of the common, yet frequently false beliefs, that hold people back from their traveling dreams.

It’s Too Dangerous

It’s natural to be suspicious of anything that’s unfamiliar to you. Every animal experiences this, and it’s one of the many instinctive things that help keep us alive. While it’s true that certain places in the world are more dangerous than others, most countries are no more dangerous than your typical US city. You should exercise the same degree of caution while you’re visiting them. Being aware of your surroundings, not being too obvious about the valuables you have on you, and not walking alone at night are all solid rules to stick to, no matter how far away from home you are. Follow these, and you’re highly unlikely to run into any kind of trouble.

You Can’t Afford It



Traveling the world isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world. However, if you can afford some of the luxuries that most of us enjoy in our day-to-day life, you can almost certainly afford to travel. Saving up for a trip, even when you’re traveling on a budget, is all a matter of prioritizing your want to see the world over anything else you’d typically spend your “play money” on. Yes, that new iced coffee may look gorgeous on the poster you just passed. However, wouldn’t you rather enjoy it in a pavement café in Rome basking in the sunlight? If this is the case, hold onto your money, go home and stick with your freeze-dried instant. We all have various fiscal constraints and responsibilities we need to stick to, but you should still look at your personal finances and see how much wiggling room you have. Set out a savings plan, and stick to it. If you ever feel like slipping out of the schedule, look up some videos that will remind you what it’s all for!

Your Career is More Important

Yes, no employer likes to see a particularly big gap in a candidate’s CV. However, it’s a big mistake to assume that if you leave your job now, you won’t be able to find a new one when you get back. Traveling the world shows independence, broadened knowledge, and an ability to get along with people. Even if none of these things are true about you, it’s still something potential employers will draw from seeing that you’ve gone traveling. Furthermore, as international travel has become more and more accessible, it’s become more common for people like you to put their career on hold in order to see the world. This levels out the playing field considerably, and means that people who stay are really no more desirable than people who go.


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