When in Laos.


Eyes closed. Always.

I would love to have infinite time to explore each and every crevice of Southeast Asia, but until I win that lottery I will have only spent 20 minutes in Laos. Illegally. It was part of some tour, where we could pop over the river just to check it out momentarily. How did I spend my time? Drinking creepy whiskey.

If you read my post before leaving for this trip I made a list of things that I wanted for this trip and one of them was not to hold back from anything, to indulge fully, so I was not able to say no to this opportunity.


There were 5 whiskeys to choose from. Tiger Penis. Scorpion. Snapper Turtle. Cobra and some kind of Lizard. I chose the safe route and took the Scorpion Whiskey. I am a Scorpio anyhow.

That night I had the most terrible and morbid nightmares. One was that my dog died and it woke me up at 3am, then I was blessed with days of uncontrollable diarrhea. I know most of you are thinking Jesus! too much information! but I’m only telling you this so that you know I made a decision and it resulted in bad consequences, and maybe it isn’t smart to put strange things into your body, but it is also fun.





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