When Opportunity Knocks…….

Oh hello old friends, do any of you even read this anymore? Probably not, because nothing too interesting has been going on. Until now.

It sort of all happened in a few days. Kind of became temporarily unemplyoed. Bought a flight to Bangkok, leaving in a week. In typical Casey fashion, I have no itinerary, reservations or general plans, because I kind of function better that way.

Here are my goals:

1. Go to some super pretty beaches (probably easy to do)

2. Ride a humanely treated and well fed Elephant (maybe)

3. Possibly lose some weight from travelers diarrhea. (you must find the positive in negative situations)

4. Be okay with being alone. (seems slightly challenging)

5. Write (just write.)

6. Read (on the beach)

7. Take beautiful photos. (havent touched my camera in months #uninspired)

8. Not hold myself back from things due to fear (but maintain safeness and street smarts obviously)

9. See a WHALE SHARK (or any shark’ll do)

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