Byron Bay is Inspirin’ Hey!

I took the bus into Byron Bay for “just a weekend” which turned into a week because I fell in love with the people and I fell in love with the sea.

My first night was kicked off to a good start by winning a Karaoke contest at a bar by rapping both Eminem and Dr Dre’s parts in the classic tune Forgot about Dre. Though a grateful winner, the prize wasn’t cold hard cash (need) but free booze all night (def. dont need). Other days were spent in a nice cloud of tranquility and appreciating the existence of nature. For example watching the way the birds interacted with each other, listening to their unique songs and merely just loving the company of fellow human beings through hours of conversation. Just a walk in any direction almost always led you into some sort of beautiful adventure. I wont rub it in or anything,  but just like Manta Rays and Whales and Sea Turtles and Parakeets and really hot surfers with hair better than your own.

One night there were some drunk girls being very loud outside of my window. As 2AM approached I had reached my wits end, I put my pants on, grumbled a bit and just as I stepped outside, suddenly a loud thunder cracked in the air and heavy rain drenched down sending the girls squealing into their rooms and providing a full night of cool breeze and soothing rain (I never liked confrontation anyways.) Every evening it was imperative to make it a block up the street for the daily presentation of the sunset, where I’d be around multiple other people sitting on the rocks or in their caravans decorated into cozy temporary homes with curtains and trinkets.

Wide-eyed at the watercolor blend of sky colors, everyone was a heart eye emoticon personified. As the sun would made it’s last glimmer, a customary drum circle would kick off. There have definitely been moments in my life where I’d gawk at the hippies playing hacky sack and dancing in the drum circles, but I actually quite liked it. I actually quite like not being a judgey shithead really. It’s all just a waste of energy and we are all just here to enjoy ourselves aren’t we? Let the hippies bang their drums. I mean, whats wrong with being happy anyways?

I’ve been in Australia exactly one month today. With this being said, If, one year ago you asked me my current complaints, I could probably ramble on for ages, or possibly fill an entire composition notebook with bitchings about traffic and my job and needing an oil change but at this exact moment in my life I honestly I don’t have one. There’s something to be said about having no complaints which has me second guessing if this is normal or am I on some type of unrealistic high, or naively optimistic, only preparing for a major crash, but I’m just gonna ride it out until then *shakkas bra*.

Now here’s a shameless selfie to show you how good happiness is looking on my nice bronzed skin