Why Experiencing The Kumano Kodo Spirituality Is The Best Thing That You Can Do

It is too easy to be stuck in a routine of work, day after day, week after week, and to suddenly wake up age 60 and realise that you’ve missed your life. We all approach adulthood with a head full of dreams that gradually disappear as the everyday routine sets in. It’s never too late for a wakeup call and what is best than a wakeup call that takes you to the other side of the world and immerse you in a completely different culture. This is to me the best way to recenter yourself and find out who you really are before it’s too late. So book your flight to Japan and open up to the new experiences that life throws at you.
Another angle on Mount Fuji

Why Is Japan Special?

Our experience of the Japanese culture comes essentially from manga films and books, and sushi bars. Based on the westernised versions of these Japanese jewels, we already understand that the culture over there is one of thoughtfulness, beauty of the elements, and high respect for the food that Mother Nature provides. But being in Japan and surrounded by the diversity of their culture and the richness of their spiritual involvement is a truly life-changing experience. There are many things to do in Japan, and from climbing up Mount Fuji to eating perfect ramen noodles, you will discover a new way of approaching life. Sometimes, it is all it takes to change your own view of life and who you could be. And to be honest, even if it doesn’t change you, Japanese culture is so much fun that you will never be bored!

Experience The Japanese Spirituality

The Japanese population approaches spirituality and religion is a different way that we do in western cultures. For Japanese, having a spiritual attitude is still an important part of their lives. However they strongly differentiate the spiritual activity from the religious belief. In short, while most Japanese observe Buddhist celebrations d visit Sacred Shrines, they are happy to describe themselves as atheists. Consequently, they consider the importance of following traditions, such as the Kumano Kudo walking tours which are a pilgrimage across the Kansai region, while remaining openly atheist. This is a foreign concept for western civilisations but it is one of letting go of moral judgements while paying your respects to the customs of your ancestors.

The Difficult Way Back Home

Going back into your old life of routine after such an experience will be quite a tricky process. You may even have to go through a period of travel grief before you find yourself ready to move on and maybe ready to apply your discovery of a new lifestyle. Japan may not redefine your life but it will change you and it will show you how to appreciate the little joys of the existence. In our troubled time, in a hectic society of hard workers and stressful jobs, the simple application of a new philosophy of happiness may be just what you need to keep you smiling until the next travel!

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