Why You Need to Visit Sydney

If you want to visit a city you’ve never seen before, then Sydney is the perfect place. People don’t mention it as much as New York City, London, and Paris – and that’s a travesty. Here’s why you need to check out Sydney, Australia!



Culture! All the culture!


Sydney is incredible for those looking for somewhere that can provide them with loads of cultural art and education. The mix of European and Aboriginal ancestry replete in this city has resulted in has resulted in incredible museums, massive cultural festivals, and world-class theatres that mix both cultures. There’s something on all year round, so you’re not going to be stuck for things to do, regardless of when you go.



You like beaches? Sydney has beaches


When people think about Australia, they think of beaches. And the bulk of those beaches are in Sydney. This is no exaggeration; Sydney is home to two or three famous beaches; it’s home to about a hundred. So if you’re a fan of beautiful beaches, then you can definitely do a lot worse than visit Sydney.


It’s better than Melbourne


Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an unfair statement. It’s not exactly something you can say objectively. But it’s important to know the differences between the two; Melbourne is to Sydney was New York City is to Los Angeles. Almost. Melbourne is much much of an urban, indoor-focused place than Sydney. Sydney has a bit more ‘oomph’ to it for those looking for something more adventurous. Plus, it’s easier to get cheap flights to Sydney than it is to get cheap flights to Melbourne. So there’s always that to consider!


Their fireworks displays are better than your fireworks displays


You think London has impressive firework displays? About 700,000 people attend London’s New Year’s Eve display, which is nothing to be sniffed at. But what about New York City’s famous NYE display. That’s easily a million people every year gathering to see those fireworks. Which must make NYC the ultimate “firework city”, surely? Nope. Sydney has the most technically-advanced NYE fireworks display in the world, and it brings in 1.5 million spectators every year.


Their parks are better than your parks


The parks and nature attractions of Sydney are some of the best on Earth. There are about 400 parks and open spaces in the city, filled with beautiful sculptures, exotic flowers, ad incredible natural water display. Seriously, NYC residents who visit this place will never love Central Park the way they used to. And yes, before you ask: there are koalas in many of these parks, and yes, you can sometimes give them a hug.



Amazing street art

The walls of cities tend to blur into one grey or brown mass. There may be the the occasional graffiti piece to liven things up, but it’s not usually very spectacular; it’s illegal in most places, so the graffiti is usually rushed and crude. But street art is widely embraced in Sydney. You’re not getting “quick-before-the-cops-show-up!” gang tags. You’re getting some of the best street art in the world, all over the city.

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