Wyoming Wedding Vacation


The Tetons

Some would consider a true vacation to be sipping Mai Tai’s on a beach towel while listening to some tunes on a Ukelele. I, on the other hand, found solace in a nice pint of cold IPA, breathing in the mountain air in Jackson Wyoming.

I flew in, (on the most turbulant flight actually ever in my life) to an airport that sat alone in an open field in front of the tear inducing, remarkable Grand Tetons. These breathtaking mountains would serve as a backdrop for my dearest friends Rachel and Creed’s wedding (you may recognize them from my New Orleans post).

In true Horan fashion I was late to the wedding and arrived right as the vows were completed and the first kiss was smooched.

Turns out I wasn’t the only late person as there was a “bear jam”, Im serious.

Bald Eagles flew across the sky, the lighting was perfect and rain gently fell at just the right moments. All in all I would consider it a wonderful, charming and intimate little wedding filled with good people.


Mr and Mrs Barringer




The whole family


I don’t always wear ugly cowboy boots but when I do its at a wedding in WYOMIND

Also, who would have thought so many Flagstaffians were transplanted in Jackson? My other long time friend Valerie and her boyfriend Matt were kind enough to let me crash at their apartment, take me fishing and lend me a car to go see YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, always a dream of mine. I also ran into my childhood neighbors at a Cowboy Saloon. SMALL WORLD. Whoa, when did they get so handsome?






Check out these thermal pools! As I approached them it was full on sensory bliss. My cold bare arms hit with clouds of sulfur steam, and the Turquoise and neon orange pools reflecting clouds during sunset. I’m pretty sure I could have just sat there forever.





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