You Need A Once In A Lifetime Trip

While the #YOLO hashtag has been on most social media platforms form the best few years, it’s important to understand that there’s more than just a form of teenage rebellion behind it. Indeed, while some social media users have referred to You Live Only Once – aka the phrase behind the YOLO acronym – as an excuse to engage in stupid and sometimes deadly activities, there’s a deeper meaning to realizing that you have only one life. Embracing this reality means that you should demand more from your life, and consequently experience and discover more – emphasis on experiencing and not on taking unnecessary risks. As a result, there is nothing that encompasses the true purpose of YOLO than traveling to the discovery of new cultures, people and landscapes. Make YOLO the motto of your once in a lifetime trip, of that big travel dream that you refuse to acknowledge because you’re afraid of the costs, the time and the unknown.



It’s a big world, go out and explore

The world is a big and vast place. Why should you only know one country when there is so much to see? That’s precisely because there is so much going on and so many different mindsets, people and hopes that you need to leave your routine behind and broaden your horizon. For a once in a lifetime trip, you can pick a destination that you will change your perception of the world and yourself – in other words, you can forget your resort beach hotel holiday. Meteora in Greece is a landscape where incredible rock formations and man-made architecture meet. If you prefer a wildlife discovery trip, head to the Galapagos Islands where you can walk in the steps of the late Charles Darwin.


It’s a big world


Plan it

When it comes to a big trip, you need to take the time to organize it properly. For a start, more than half of travelers booking online have to pay additional fees to correct booking errors related to flights, airports and hotels. So taking a couple of extra minutes to check your booking can save you a lot of money. Additionally, big trips come at a price. Starting to plan early means that you can gather the necessary fundings, from looking at financing with the best personal loan rates to maximizing your savings. Besides, early bookers can benefit from significant discounts on their travel reservations!


Don’t let long journeys disturb you

Finally, it’s likely that your once in a lifetime trip will be some distance away. Don’t feel that the time you spend on your journey is wasted. Instead, try to make the most of it by creating an enjoyable journey. You could upgrade to a different class away from the crowded economic seats for instance. Or maybe you could switch your flight trip for a cruising journey, which offers more comfort. In short, the journey is what you make of it. As it’s part of your travel plans, you could, at least, appreciate it.


From You Live Only Once to booking the Travel Of A Lifetime, it’s a logical decision to make the most of your time on the planet. Enjoy every second of it: There is still beauty in the world for those who know where to look.


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